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Leadership & Life
Enhancement Coaching

At FrameShaping, our mission is to empower individuals to unlock their untapped potential and maximize their personal and professional growth through innovative and researched-based techniques, strategies, and solutions.

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You deserve to live a life of achievement and success, but sometimes it’s a challenge to identify our purpose. Chas Higgins is the owner and CEO of FrameShaping LLC – Leadership and Life Enhancement Coaching.

Chas at John Maxwell IMC
Chas International Maxwell Conference

FrameShaping Solutions

Leadership Coaching

Tailored coaching programs designed to enhance leadership skills, such as communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and strategic thinking.

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions for executives focused on enhancing leadership presence, emotional intelligence, and performance at the executive level.

Career Development Coaching

Assisting individuals in identifying career goals, creating action plans, and navigating career transitions such as promotions, career changes, or reentering the workforce.

Personal Development Coaching

Helping individuals develop self-awareness, set meaningful goals, improve time management, and build confidence and resilience.

Featured Clients

Bay County Chamber of Commerce
Unique Trucking Coaching Client
U.S. Air Force Coaching
U.S. Navy Leadership Coaching
Leadership Training Client
Adding value to life

Coach Chas

Charles “Chas” Higgins is a certified coach, speaker and trainer who has been trained through the John Maxwell Leadership Team. Chas is the founder of FrameShaping LLC Leadership and Life Enhancement Coaching, a veteran owned and operated company that
has trained many leaders within the
Department of Defense and community


Certified Life Coach
Master Certified Life Coach
Certified Professional Coach
Master Certified Professional Coach
International Coaching Federation
John Maxwell Certified Team

Unveiling Pathways to Personal & Professional Growth

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