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FrameShaping LLC

Leadership & Life Enhancement Coaching 

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FrameShaping LLC

FrameShaping LLC Leadership & Life Enhancement Coaching will allow you or your team to create a plan, navigate obstacles and organize life or organizational environment. How is working with a leadership and life coach beneficial? You or your team will...

  • Uncover a vision for life that goes well beyond what we think is possible

  • Create a plan to achieve personal and organizational goals

  • Develop a protected space to check-in, work through obstacles, and share experiences in a private or group setting 

  • Make an accountability plan and action steps that ensures you and or your team make progress

  • Gain the time and freedom to fulfill your purpose in life

  • Have a companion who supports your visions without judgement 

  • Learn we are all fully capable and equipped to do anything you wish


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Leadership & Life Enhancement Coaching by Chas

Who I Help

Who I Help




We aid our clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Additionally, we can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then partner with you to come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.




If you or your organization feels stagnant in business or professionalism, we can help develop a plan or adopt behaviors that will get you or the organization back on track. For instance, we can walk a team through mindset issues that are blocking overall success. We can also help with accountable.

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My Story

Founder of FrameShaping LLC Leadership & Life Enhancement  Coaching.

Chas joined the United States Air Force at the age of 18 after a childhood that was filled with what he says was only “survival mode”. He has traveled the world which he acknowledges is why he is who he is. Living in various countries and experiencing many different cultures has taught him that life is not only the things we experience as children but things WE create for ourselves. He has been married to his wife Bianca since 1996 and has one daughter as well as two grandchildren.




Chas has helped me change my life!

“With his jovial attitude and infectious smile Coach Chas has a way to bring out the best in others and he does so in such a humble way that you think it was your idea to be that awesome.  After the first session I was making positive life changes that I had been trying to make for many years. Now I have a new outlook on my life, and I am enjoying every minute of it. I especially appreciate that he accepts me for who I am. He is simply a wonderful human being; no pretense, no arrogance and no bullsh!*...just Chas.” 


Ira, Mascoutah, IL.
Department of Defense Contractor

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Contact Us

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you!


Telephone: 1 (850) 821-3074

Address: 19211 Panama City Beach Pkwy  #1042 Panama City Beach, FL 32413-8712

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